Aluminum Extrusions - value-added components & assembliesextrusions Sintered metal components -
(sintered = made from powder) sintered metals
Air Moving Components & Assemblies - axial/radial fan blades, motorized pkgs, guards Non-Metallic Materials Conversion - punched slit & die cutting of non-metallic materials
Plastics - thermo-plastic injection molding & extrusions. thermo-set compression & injection moldingplastics
Fabrication - contract manufacturing, sheet, tube, wire, component parts to turn-key
Metal Spinning - custom round, venturi, dish, cylindrical, conesventuri spinning Sewn Product - custom carrying cases, covers, harnesses Sewn products
Zinc Die-Cast -
components & assemblies
zinc die cast
Rubber -
molded & fabricated components
molded rubber

Screw Machine -
installation, instruction

screw machining
CNC Machining -
Short run to high volume

cnc machining

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Aluminum Extrusions to your exact needs

Our proprietary aluminum extrusion process produces features, tolerances and surface finishes in precision aluminum components previously considered impossible.

Design engineers are just now learning how to make full use of these new products. In this way, and many others, Liefer and Associates continually strives to be YOUR single source for quality precision aluminum components.


From computer-assisted design (CAD) to state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we guarantee that the latest technology is implemented to meet your requirements, all under the strictest statistical process controls.

Our clean, world-class manufacturing facilities deliver superior quality using advanced processes. Every step of every project is documented so you can be assured that all consruction and finishing specs meet your exact requirements.

ISO 9001-2000 Certified

We're the experts you've been looking for:
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