Air Moving Components and Assemblies - axial/radial fan blades, motorized pkgs, guardsrevcor fans CNC Machining -
Short run to high volume

cnc machining
Metal Fabrication - contract manufacturing, sheet, tube, wire, component parts to turn-key
Turn-key Assemblies

Plastics -
thermo-plastic injection molding, thermo-set compression


Metal Spinning -
custom round, venturi, dish, cylindrical, cones
venturi spinning
Sintered metal components -
(sintered = made from powder)

sintered metals
Non-Metallic Materials Conversion - punched slit & die cutting of non-metallic materials
Screw Machining -
installation, instruction

screw machining

Rubber -
molded & fabricated components

molded rubber
Zinc Die-Cast -
components & assemblies

zinc die cast

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Axial, Centrifugical and Crossflow Fans and Blowers
(air moving components & assemblies) to your exact needs

This is THE place
for metal fan blades for original equipment manufacturers in the appliance, foodservice, HVAC, refrigerated vending and portable heating industries.

The correct amount of air, in the right location, at the specified motor rpm and static pressure -
rapid delivery of samples of all our proprietary items for your lab and field tests.

Tooling charges and long lead times are avoided -
We can accommodate your special design requirements from our broad line of proprietary products. All fan designs have extensive air flow performance experience behind them. Our new state-of-the-art production facility underscores its commitment to cost effective manufacturing of high quality parts and dependable JIT delivery of production orders.

Meeting your manufacturing planning schedule -
If your application design is different from what we have illustrated, we may be able to supply your part by modification of our existing tools at little or no cost to you.

We're always ready to help in emergency -
to accommodate your production schedules.

We look forward to working with you from concept through finished product design and producing your production order.

We're the experts you've been looking for:
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210 Dalwhinne Waye | Jefferson City, MO 65101 | p: 573.636.2777 | m: 573.680.9442

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