Air Moving Components and Assemblies - axial/radial fan blades, motorized pkgs, guards CNC Machining -
Short run to high volume

cnc machining
Metal Fabrication - contract manufacturing, sheet, tube, wire, component parts to turn-key
Turn-key Assemblies

Plastics -
thermo-plastic injection molding, thermo-set compression
plastic injection

Metal Spinning -
custom round, venturi, dish, cylindrical, cones
venturi spinning
Sintered metal components -
(sintered = made from powder)

sintered metals
Non-Metallic Materials Conversion - punched slit & die cutting of non-metallic materials
Screw Machining -
installation, instruction

screw machining

Rubber -
molded & fabricated components

molded rubber
Zinc Die-Cast -
components & assemblies

zinc die cast

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Thermo-set compression/injection molding to your exact needs

Call on us when you need state-of-the-art capabilities in compression, injection, and transfer molding. We help build competitive value for our customers.

From new components to existing parts needing modifications, we offer creative approaches and decades of problem-solving expertise.

Services include –
Thermoset and thermoplastic capabilities; Integrated single-source service, from compounding through product design, tooling, custom molding, subassembly, painting, machining, and even bar coding directly to distribution centers; Mold and ship capabilities for simple, highly cost-effective conversions. And, of course, complex, multi-requirement procedures.

Composite materials include –
Sheet molded compounds (SMC), bulk molded compounds (BMC), epoxies, phenolics, melamine, compression-molded solid surface acrylics, urea, and other selections.

Markets served –
Electrical and electronics, appliance, business machines, industrial lighting, mass transit, office equipment, furniture, construction, aerospace, aircraft, and musical instruments.

Specialists in –
Thermoset and Thermoplastics, Concept And Product Development, Computer-Aided Product Design, Engineering Services, Prototypes, Precision Tooling
Compounding, Injection, Compression, and Transfer Molding, Mold And Ship Capabilities, Simple And Complex Assembly, CNC Machining, Painting, Product Testing
Expedient Shipping.

Compounding –
Specific formulas with outstanding consistency, including very high volumes and unconventional formulas.

Molding –
In furnishing injection, compression, and transfer molding, we use presses ranging from 25 to 2500 tons, with shot weights from one ounce through 225 pounds. Vacuum-assisted molding and extensive side pull actions on various molds offer a broad array of moldable geometries. These quality-oriented processes offer: Tight Dimensional Tolerances, Accurate Repeatability, Excellent Stability, Close Monitoring Of Product Quality, Finish And Color Flexibility.

Finishing Services – Maintaining Product Integrity

Subassembly And Painting –
Attach hardware components, add appliques, corporate logos, or instructional decals. Prime and top coat painting, silk screen printing, and pad print.

Machining Services –
Instead of building a number of molds or developing elaborate interchangeable pieces for the mold, we are able to cost-effectively machine components to your specific geometry. Machining may be required to compensate for draft and other considerations including extremely tight tolerances.

Other Finishing Services –
Patching, sanding, milling, drilling, packaging, and bar coding directly to Distribution Centers.

Engineering and Design –
Computer-aided recommendations extend to problem solving, materials engineering, and process optimization.

Prototypes –
Timely and high quality prototype services to support aggressive time to market requirements,

Tooling –
Precision Tolerances And Quick Start-ups producing tooling for compression, injection, and transfer molding.

ISO 9001-2000 Certified

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